Schedule a virtual checkup and skip the waiting room. Telemedicine is no longer just for the tech-savvy.

Case Study

Why Health Wizz?

Health Wizz streamlines the process from start to finish with no upfront investment. If you have a smartphone, you already have everything you need. We keep it simple to ensure a smooth experience free of technical difficulty. Health Wizz uses encryption to protect privacy and is HIPAA compliant to satisfy all regulatory statutes. House calls have come full circle!

The Remote Solution

Convenience Factor

Set up your next appointment from anywhere in the world. You could be away on business, or maybe you just want to save yourself the trip. It's not always easy to get around, and illness only makes matters worse. Health Wizz will send a reminder and a personalized meeting ID to join the video conference from your phone, and no time will be wasted fumbling with equipment.

Limitless Potential

Interfacing with patients helps doctors ascertain symptoms and make preliminary diagnoses. Health Wizz incorporates tools to automate time consuming tasks like signing of consent and intake forms and pushing instructional videos to patients. Let patients send high resolution photos from their phone's camera. Telemedicine may not eliminate office visits but it will reduce them greatly.


Even before your  session starts, send your medical records to your doctor right from your phone. By aggregating and sharing your health data, you can get more out of your virtual visit. Pull up charts or scanned images on the spot and get a preliminary diagnostics or second opinion over the phone. Your data where you want, when you want.
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Going the Distance

Whether it's flu season or maybe a pandemic

Social Distancing is good practice for anyone infected with or vulnerable to something going around the environment. Protect yourself and others from contagions by staying home, with Health Wizz.

We've got your back in trying times like these.

Allow us to surprise even the most skeptical impulse questioning what can be done over a video session. Telemedicine is innovating daily and we're certain that once you've tried it, you'll forget how you ever got by without it. Never come in again if you don't have to.